Arithmetic or Geometric Sequences Solver.
Find difference, ratio, nth term, Sum of n terms using the Personal Algebra Tutor ®

Solving Your Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences or Series

  • Enter first 3 numbers of the series and number of terms.
    • Determines Sequence type: Arithmetic or Geometric Sequence
  • Arithmetic Sequences
    • Finds Difference, nth term, and Sum of first n terms step-by-step for the Arithmetic Sequence.
  • Geometric Sequences
    • Finds Ratio, nth term, and Sum of first n terms step-by-step for the Geometric Sequence.

Main Screen:

Select Sequences

  1. In Task Box, select
    Solve a System of Linear Equations
  2. In Task box, select Sequences.
Takes you to the
Sequences Screen
Sequences screen

Sequences Screen

  1. Enter the first 3 terms of the sequence.
  2. Click the
    Analyze button.
  • Takes you to the
  • Enter Sequence

    Sequences Setup Screen

    1. Enter Number of Terms in
      the Geometric Sequence
    2. Click on the
      Find button
    Sequences Solution

    Geometric Sequence Calculation Screen

    1. Ratio of Terms is Computed.
    2. Nth Term is computed
    3. Sum of first n terms is computed.
    Geometric Sequences Solution
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