Find the Midpoint of 2 Points using the Personal Algebra Tutor ®

Given 2 Points: - Find the Midpoint
See Also: Find Distance Find Equations of Lines

Find Distance

Main Screen:
Calculate Midpoint

  1. In Task Box, select
  2. In Graph Options, select Points, Slope, Eq. of Lines
  3. Click Get Graph Data button
Takes you to next screen:
WinPAT Graph Paper
Find Midpoint Given 2 Points: Setup

Graphing and Calculating the MidPoint

  1. Enter 2 Points
  2. Click OK
  3. Select Find MidPoint
  4. Click Do Task button.
  • Plots 2 points.
  • Draws line between points
  • Computes Midpoint
    and Explains calculation.

See also:

Find Midpoint Given 2 Points: Enter Points; Find Midpoint.
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