Solve and Graph Rational Functions and Expressions using the Personal Algebra Tutor ®

Given Equation of an Ellipse:

- Find Center, Vertices, Foci, Major Axis, Minor Axis, Equation Standard Form.
- Complete the Square
- Graph the Ellipse Step-by-step

Main Screen Setup:
Graphing Conics

  1. In Task Box, select
  2. In Graph Options select Conics using Equations
  3. Click Get Graph Data button
Takes you to next screen:
Equation Entry
Graphing Conics Screen

Enter Equation Screen

  1. Click in Eq1
    text box.
    Enter equation.
    Note the actual input will be made in the Input Editor (Not shown here).
  2. Click Solve button.
Ellipse Screen

Graph Paper screen

  1. Note: The equation in Standard form. Click on Explanation button to see details.
  2. Click on the Plot It button
    to draw graph
    • Note: The individual graph steps are not shown here, but occur within the actual program execution.
  3. Click on the
    Explanation screen button.
    See all steps and the explanation.
  4. Print Graph if desired
Graph with explanation screen

Explanation / Details screen.


Shows the:
  1. Graph of Ellipse
  2. Center
  3. Vertices
  4. Foci
  5. Transverse Axis
  6. Conjugate Axis
Explanation / Details Screen
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