Trigonometry Problem Solver: Solving Triangles Using the Law Of Cosines using the Personal Algebra Tutor ®

Solving Trigonometry Law of Cosines Problems
- Enter your problem: Sides and Angles
- Get a Step-by-Step Solution with Explanations
- The Solver will use the Law of Sines if input requires it.

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Solve Using the Law Of Cosines:

  1. Enter your given Sides
    and Angles values.
  2. Double Click into the Side or Angle box button
    to select side or angle to be found.
  3. Click on the
    Solve button to get the solution.
Takes you to next screen.
Law Of Cosines Solution screen
Trigonometry law of cosines screen

Law of Sines Solution

  1. Shows Input Summary
  2. Shows Formula Used:
    Law Of Cosines
  3. Shows Step-by-Step solution
    using Law Of Cosines
Trigonometry Law of Cosines Solution
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