Quadratic Formula Example - see how we will help you!

Main Screen

  1. In Task Box, select
    Solve a Single Equation.
  2. In Solution Methods box, select Quadratic Formula
  3. Click Get Equation button
Takes you to next screen:
The Equation Setup screen
Solve Quadratic Equation Screen

Equation Setup screen

  1. Click in Equation 1
    text box to enter your quadratic equation.
  2. Click on Solve button to solve the equation.

Next screen
Shows the Solution

Solve Quadratic Equation Screen

Equation solved.

  1. The Equation entered.
  2. The 2 solutions to the Quadratic Equation:
  3. Click on the
    Show Output
    button to see the steps
    and explanation.
Takes you to the
Output screen
showing detailed solution
and explanation. Output screen.
Solve Quadratic Equation Screen

Output screen.

Shows the:
  1. Values of
    the coefficients a, b, c.
  2. Quadratic Formula.
  3. Computation.
  4. Discriminant, and
    classifies the roots.
  5. 2 Roots or solutions.
Solve Quadratic Equation Screen